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Is employing a nanny just the start of your payroll needs?


Do you employ other members of staff?


Are you thinking about employing more employees or do you own a small business?


If you employ a gardener or personal assistant we can administer the payroll needs of these individuals in the same way we provide the nanny payroll service.


If you own a small business then outsourcing your payroll to a professional payroll bureau can save you significant time and money.


Click here to find out how you can benefit from having a professional payroll company administer your payroll.

Nanny Payroll Services Northampton Milton Keynes
Nanny Payroll Services Northampton Milton Keynes
Nanny Payroll Services Northampton Milton Keynes

We have provided a typical example of the calculations that are needed to generate the level of Gross Pay that you will have to pay your nanny based on your agreed net pay. (Please note all figures are examples and are in no way binding).


Net to Gross Calculations  


Lets say you and your nanny agree a net monthly wage of £1000.


This level of net pay is calculated from a gross amount that includes the correct calculation of  PAYE (income tax), National Insurance and any other elements such as pensions or student loan contributions.


The calculations that are needed to generate the gross payment result in the amount of £216.67 being added to the £1000 net monthly wage, ensuring that these calculations are correct is the most important element of your payroll.


This then generates the Gross Monthly Wage of £1216.67


Are there any other elements that may affect my nanny’s pay?


There are many different influences on peoples pay so the example we have set out above is intended as an example only.


Other elements that can have an affect on the Net to Gross calculation are:


Tax codes - Your nanny may have more than one job or have other situations affecting how much they earn, these different situations may affect the tax code that will apply to their pay.


Statutory sick pay - You will be responsible as the employer to pay any qualifying statutory sick pay if the situation arises.


Stakeholder pension - If your nanny wants to pay into a pension then this may need to be taken into consideration in arriving at the agreed net pay.


Holiday pay - You may wish to show this separately on your nanny’s payslip.


All of these elements can make the paying of your nanny a complicated matter, if something goes wrong it can cause serious headaches. Getting in touch with HMRC can also be a time consuming process.


At we take away all the hassle of  administering the different aspects of payroll so you have no need to worry, all you need to do is tell us how much net pay you wish to pay your nanny and we will do all the hard work from there!


Payroll legislation changes all the time and can often have serious consequences if not adhered to.


For the latest news on all aspects of payroll, both employer and employee related please click here