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What Will it Cost?.


Taking on a household employee means you have to take on all the responsibility of an employer.


This is a time consuming step, there are numerous rules and regulations that you must comply with, not to mention the constant updates to these regulations introduced by the Government.


Can you afford the extra time and hassle that this will involve? Presumably the reason you are employing a nanny is to save you time and not to create additional work and stress.


We know how crucial it is to have an efficient service that saves you from spending hours calculating your nanny’s pay, Tax and National Insurance contributions.


All it costs to give you this freedom is a flat fee of  £144 per annum for a monthly payroll service.


We can also provide a weekly payroll from as little as £6 per week.



Nanny Payroll Services Northampton Milton Keynes
Nanny Payroll Services Northampton Milton Keynes
Nanny Payroll Services Northampton Milton Keynes

Net to Gross Pay Calculations

Unusually in today’s labour market nanny’s pay is still generally negotiated by agreeing a wage to be paid which is net of Tax and National Insurance.


What Does This Mean?

As the nanny employer you are then responsible for making sure the Inland Revenue receive the correct amount of Tax and National Insurance attributable to that net wage. Using our Nanny Payroll Service removes this burden from you, we ensure all necessary calculations are in place meaning you have no need to worry about how to calculate the correct amounts.


SSP, SMP and SAP calculations and advice

As the nanny employer you are responsible for ensuring all legislation related to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), Maternity Pay (SMP) and Adoption Pay (SAP) are adhered to. We make sure any SSP, SMP or SAP recoverable is claimed back from the Inland Revenue on a regular basis.


We can act as your agent with HMRC

Dealing with the Inland Revenue is a key aspect of being a nanny employer, this can sometimes be a time consuming and frustrating process. By appointing us as your agent with HMRC we will be able to communicate directly with HMRC including the electronic receipt of employer notices and the electronic filing of your annual return.


The option for weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly payroll

The option of paying your nanny on either a weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly or monthly basis is a decision you will have to come to with your employee but we will advise you on the implications of each option and set up your payroll accordingly.


All the latest payroll advice and legislation updates

As a specialist nanny payroll service we can answer and advise on any payroll related issue. One of the most important aspects of being a nanny employer is keeping up to date with all the legislative changes introduced by the Government. Since this industry is our speciality we completely remove from you any need to constantly check for rule changes.   


All necessary paperwork produced such as P60 and P45. will provide all of the necessary paperwork that is required to employ a nanny so you will have complete peace of mind from the moment you decide to take on some extra help


Backdated payslips and tax records

If you have already employed a nanny but are yet to provide any payslips we will organise and back date Tax and National Insurance calculations and provide payslips. (Please note HMRC may apply penalties and interest for late submissions or payments.














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