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For expert nanny payroll services please contact the team on 01327 353136

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The easiest way to get your nanny payroll set up is by giving the team a call and discussing your requirements.


Alternatively please fill out the contact form and we will ensure we get back to you within one working day.


When filling out the form the more information you can provide us in the “request details” box about your nanny payroll needs the better.


This will enable us to have as much of the details as possible ready when we contact you to discuss your payroll needs.


Nanny Payroll Services Northampton Milton Keynes
Nanny Payroll Services Northampton Milton Keynes
Nanny Payroll Services Northampton Milton Keynes

Did you know?


It may be illegal to pay a nanny cash in hand and can actually disadvantage the nanny as they may not build up a National Insurance contribution record.


If you have been paying a nanny cash in hand at levels that attract Tax and National Insurance then it is very important that you register as an employer with HMRC.


We can provide all of the necessary back dated payslips and documentation but you may be  liable to HMRC for any interest and penalties on late payment of any Tax and National Insurance contributions due.


It is important to remember that HMRC do not ignore non compliance.













Nanny Payroll Services Northampton Milton Keynes

183 Watling Street West



NN12 6BX


01327 353136


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